THE Museum in Adatepe (Chanakkale province), which was opened in 2001, is the only one under the patronage of the Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey. The Museum provides information about the stages of olive oil production and the olives themselves. Also, the Museum’s exposition tells about the mechanisms by which the oil is made, ranging from the simplest methods to the latest technologies. Also, informative charts give a summary of the history of olive oil production and its applications. According to the head of the Museum Mehmet Karajan, more than 50 thousand foreign tourists come to visit this Museum. “This year we see increased interest from foreign guests and we are happy about it. We have more than 200 unique exhibits related to the production of olive oil in Adatepe and we are constantly complementing our exhibitions”, – Karajan said. Turkey produces about 150,000 tons of olive oil annually, ranking fifth in the world in this area.  The oil produced in Adatepe is known all over the world, especially is willingly bought by Germany and Japan.