After this UAV, developed by engineers of the aerospace company TUSAŞ, entered service with the Turkish armed forces, it was involved in the most important operations.UAV Anka was used on the 18 and 19 August to extinguish forest fires in Izmir.UAV from a height of 6 kilometers helped to monitor the direction of fire. Firefighters coordinated further actions, based on the data transmitted by the drone.Earlier on the UAV Anka radar with synthetic aperture (SAR) of Turkish production was installed. Thus, the drone was able to transmit to the ground a detailed image of the terrain in high altitude and cloudy conditions.The development of the prototype of the Anka was completed in 2013, and in 2016 the UAV entered to the service with the Turkish armed forces. Currently, the Turkish security forces have UAV Anka of 20 different modifications.