The blocks were lifted up with hydraulic jacks; after installation, the result was captured on video using a UAV.In March, this year, the installation of a two-tier observation deck was completed, which overlooks the Bosphorus Strait and at the same time the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.The tower, whose height will be 369 meters, will be equipped with external elevators, they will rise to a height of 180 meters with views of the Vifin Peninsula on one side and the Black sea on the other.It is planned that around the tower there will be a park, and in the lobby restaurants and shops will be opened.Chamlydzha TV tower is built on the same hill and aims to become one of the most important attractions of the Turkish metropolis. It is expected that the tower will replace several telecommunication towers in Istanbul, and it will be visited by up to 4.5 million tourists a year.The authorship of the fantastic design of the tower belongs to the architectural Studio Melike Altınışık Architects. It is noteworthy that in its capacity it will be able to replace several Istanbul TV towers. In addition, to the communication purpose, the project will also become a cultural center with exhibition halls, libraries, cafes, and in the surrounding area it is planned to create a park. “Istanbul Chamlydzha”, located on the Chamlydzha hill (Çamlıca) and, according to the plans of construction, will be commissioned in late 2019. It is assumed that the unique TV tower will be one of the most important attractions of the metropolis, and, moreover, it is designed to become a symbol of Istanbul.