At the moment, the metro line leading directly to the New airport is under construction. This is the metro line M11 Gayrettepe-Yeni Havalimanı, its opening is planned in late 2019.Only subway line M11 includes 7 stations: Gayrettepe (Gayrettepe district), Kağıthane (Kagithane), Kemerburgaz (Kemerburgaz), Göktürk (Gyoktyurk), Işıklar Otogar (Otogar Ishiklar), Ihsaniye (Ihsana), Yeni Havalimanı-2 (Yeni Havalimani-2), Yeni Havalimanı-1 (Yeni Havalimani-1)The Minister of transport and infrastructure Jahit Turhan said that they completed the drilling portion of the route of high-speed metro line Gayrettepe district Airport. At the moment, 82% of the tunnels have been drilled. Laying and welding of rails is planned for December this year.Jahit Turhan also said that during the construction of the new metro line, the world record for the speed of drilling tunnels was broken: 64.5 meters per day.In the future, the Ministry of transport and infrastructure plans to connect all parts of Istanbul with the airport and open three metro stations in different directions.