4 years ago, 2 families together decided to start growing mango. To do this, they created the necessary conditions in the greenhouse and planted 84 mango trees. The first harvest of trees was given last year – 2,350 fruits. And the harvest brought farmers income in the amount of 50,000 lire.This year farmers expect to collect 5 000 fruits. All of them are sold in the domestic market, and the large supermarkets and hotels show the great desire to buy products.Harvesting will continue until December. According to producers, local mangoes are in great demand among foreign tourists. The cost of the fruit comes to 35 Turkish Lira.Mango is an oval, juicy and fleshy tropical fruit with an aroma similar to peach and pineapple. The color of the fruit can be red, yellow and green, and the color of the pulp – yellow or orange. Mango contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals. It is the fruit of a large evergreen plant that grows exclusively in the tropics and subtropics.