At the Turkish-Chinese business forum in Izmir, the Minister of trade of Turkey Ruhsar Pekgan said that the trade volume of Turkey with China by the end of 2018 reached 23.6 billion dollars, which made Beijing one of the three largest trading partners of Ankara.The Minister expressed confidence that the cooperation of the most dynamically developing economy in Europe-Turkey with a “global player”, represented by China, can give impetus to the development of the economy of the Middle East and Europe.”Turkey’s exports to China reach 3 billion dollars, and imports -20 billion dollars. There are 61 Chinese investment companies operating in Turkey. The volume of Chinese investment in Turkey reaches about 1.56 billion dollars, while the volume of foreign direct investment in the Turkish economy in 2018 alone amounted to 129 billion dollars. This suggests that Chinese investors are late, ” – the head of the Ministry of trade of Turkey said.Pekgan also appealed to Turkish companies urging them to increase exports to China.