According to the statement of the municipality of Antalya, the event, which for four years was held as the “international film festival in Antalya”, this year will return the former name: Antalya film festival “Golden orange”.The Chairman of Turkey’s longest-running film festival will be the newly elected head of Antalya municipality Muhittin Bogek.The aim of the festival is to provide film lovers with the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest examples of world cinema.During the whole week, film lovers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with interesting paintings and author’s novelties.The international film festival “Golden orange” is the most significant event in the film industry of the country, it is also called the national Oscar.The event includes premiere demonstrations of films, which are presented by directors from different countries. Screenings of the tapes are held in several cinemas in the city, as well as in many open-air venues. In total, the festival shows more than 150 works of famous and starting directors.The jury also determines the best films in different categories. The winners of each of the nominations are awarded statuettes “Golden Orange”, which are divided into 3 classes. Figurines of the first class are made of pure gold and covered with gold; statuettes of the second class are made of gold with silver, and third class – from gold with copper. On the statuettes of all classes there is the symbol of the festival –  Golden orange – which is made of gold. The most important categories also receive a cash award.