CARAWAY producers in Denizli expect at least 14, 4 tons of harvest, which will cover 75 percent of the needs for caraway. In Denizli there is 90% of the Turkish cumin. “We sell cumin in Turkey and actively export. Turkish cumin is known in all countries and the demand for it is increasing every year,” – the producer of cumin Ismail Durmaz said. The farmer stressed that more than 4.5 thousand families produce caraway seeds in the region, and for many caraway producers it is the only mean of livelihood. Medicinal properties of cumin were known to man for several thousand years B.C.: it was used for treatment, added to food and even used in various magical rituals. Today, in medicine, cumin is used in the form of seeds or essential oil, and in cooking – as a fragrant spice. It is added to bakery, confectionery and even alcoholic beverages, soups, salads, sauces, as well as salting vegetables.